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ref 615 abb pdf download

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3.4.2 Functions Table 11: Functions included in the REF615 standard configuration with directional earth-fault protection Function IEC 61850 ANSI Three-phase non-directional overcurrent PHLPTOC1 3I>Page 63 Section 3 1MRS756378 D REF615 variants A071346 V4 EN Figure 24: Alarm indication The signal outputs from the IED are connected to give dedicated information on: • start of any protection function SO1 (X100:10-12) • operation (trip) of any protection function SO2 (X100:13-15) •Page 22: Product Version History • Firmware Update Tool • IED Configuration Migration Tool (ICM) • Lifecycle Traceability Tool Download connectivity packages from the ABB web site http:// Operation functionality 2.2.1 Standard configurations The IED is available with six alternative standard configurationsREF615 Application ManualThis should be noted also if there are accuracy requirements for the metering functions (current metering, power metering, and so on) of the relay

Page 106 Section 3 1MRS756378 D REF615 variants GUID-EC907A8E-9CF0-4150-A394-FFBAF30A8725 V1 EN Figure 53: Arc protection The ARC protection offers individual function blocks for three ARC sensors that can be connected to the IEDThe analog channels, measurements from CTs and VTs, have fixed connections towards the different function blocks inside the IED’s standard configurationThe TCS alarm indication is connected to LED 9The open operation is always enabledPage 121 Blocking mode 1=Freeze timer 1=Freeze timer Behaviour for function BLOCK inputs 2=Block all 3=Block OPERATE output Bay name REF615 Bay name in system SG follow input 0=False 0=False Enable setting group change to follow the input 1=True state Table 34:The open operation is always enabledPage 27: Lhmi Section 2 1MRS756378 D REF615 overview LHMI A070704 V2 EN Figure 1: LHMI The LHMI of the IED contains the following elements: • Display • Buttons • LED indicators • Communication port The LHMI is used for setting, monitoring and controllingPage 98 Section 3 1MRS756378 D REF615 variants together with the open earthing switch and non-active trip signals, activates the close- enable signal to the circuit breaker control function block

Page 192 “Lockout” modeAre you sure you want to continue?CANCELOKLoadingPage 232: Non-directional Overcurrent Protection Current start value < 0.7 x (I kmin is the nominal primary current of the CTREF615 Application ManualIn case this signal is completely removed from the autorreclose function block with SMT, the function assumes that the breaker is available all the timeEach ARC protection function block has two different operation modes, with or without the phase and residual current checkPage 21: Section 2 Ref615 Overview Section 2 REF615 overview Overview REF615 is a native IEC 61850 feeder protection IED for selective short-circuit, overcurrent and earth-fault protection 3d39b66ab9

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